Friday, 17 April 2015

Tiny Beautiful Things Of The Week

Happy Friday lovely folks!!!
Here's what has made my week a wonderful one:

1. Spending a whole day in Venice with Giulia and our friend Valeria, who we hadn't seen for more than a year! It's amazing how, with the closest friends, few minutes are enough to fill the time spent separated!
Last Monday was a wonderful day, full of laughs and little talks and I'm looking forward to another reunion like that!
Being three really greedy girls we decided to try a new kind of street  food: takeaway "bigoli"!!! They are a delicious kind of pasta, a little bit thicker than spaghetti, fantastic with amatriciana definitely must try them!!

2. "Battiti", the new book written by a friend of mine, Paola Lunardelli. 
She's a thirty years old girl that I've met some months ago for the first time! We participate together to an "English Club" once a week, so when she told me that she was a writer I wanted to read her book as soon as possible!
The book tells about the love story between Matilde, a 25 years old girl with a thesis to write, and Kieran, an Irish boy, who lives in a mysterious house surrounded by a wild garden...I'm two years older than her, but I have a thesis to write too and a weakness for Irish boys, especially the ones with deep green it seems the perfect book for me right now!

3. The yummy vegan breakfast I had on Wednesday morning with my mom!!! It was the better way to start the day and my brioche with vegan cream was glorious!!!

4.This wonderful ring from Brosway I bought as a gift to lift up my spirit yesterday morning! I love this collection and the combination of the golden ring with  the peach pink swarovski stone is amazing !It's so shiny and refined and the meaning of the stone is "irony", exactly what I need lately!!!

What has made your week a lovely one?
Saturday, 11 April 2015

" When proud-pied April, dressed in all his trim; Hath put a spirit of youth in everything. "

Hello lovelies!!!
It's Saturday night and I'm snuggled up on the sofa with my sister, eating Chinese food, chatting, laughing and watching many episodes of "Downtown Abbey"...I couldn't ask for anything better!!!
I've just come back from Florence, which is actually my native city, where I spent some days with my grandmother and my relatives that I hadn't seen  for a long time. 
The weather was wonderful, always sunny and warm, so I decided to take advantage of the many beautiful shops in the city centre to do some new purchases.
Spring for me is a really exciting moment , it means flowers, pastel colors, polka dots, shiny green and bright blue so, this time, my want to change has been satisfied with some items I really desired: 
1. a lovely red leather bag I bought in "San Lorenzo's Market"...I've always wanted a satchel like this so, when I saw it in the stand, I decided to make me a little gift!!!
2. a jeans blouse  and a blue one with white polka dots, to be matched with a blue skirt with two adorable pockets on the front;
3. a bright red lipstick...I'm not used to wear such an eye-catching colours, but sometimes we really need to go outside from our comfort zone, right?!! 
4. "Travelling to infinity"...after seeing the movie a few months ago I've always desired to read the book so,  when I came into the library, I felt that it was the right moment to bring it home with me! "Stoner" insted was a birthday gift and it really must be a remarkably good book!!!

What has been your spring best buy?

Lots of Love

Monday, 6 April 2015

Life Lately

Hello lovelies!!!
I'm finally back!!! Life lately has been so busy that I've literally felt overwhelmed by the things to do..and unfortunately I've left aside also this little place of mine.
Although yesterday the weather was awful, and the tops of the mountains I see from the window are covered with a dusting of snow, spring has come!!!
In the past few weeks I've loved wandering around in the countryside to see the colorful blossoms, the gorgeous daffodils along the river, enjoying the sun and the gentle wind!
March has been full of nice days, happiness, friendship and birthday gifts to unwrap, but also of hard work and study!
At the beginning of the month one of my closest friend graduated in Venice and it was a wonderful day!The sun was shining, the water reflected the intense blue of the sky and we were so excited to be together that we couldn't give up smiling!!!

The day after, on the 7th of March, I turned 27...I still can't believe it!!!
Honestly I don't feel so grown up and sometimes I really would turn back the clock!
At the end of the month I've finished my year of National Civil Service, so I'm not working anymore, and I can finally focus on my final thesis! I really want to try to graduate in June and, even if it's not going to be easy, I want to do my best to achieve this goal once for all!!!
Keep your fingers crossed for me pleaseeee!!!:D

Lots of love