Monday, 15 June 2015

A Great News

Hello lovelies!!!
Life has been really intense in the past couple of months.
We had a beautiful spring in Italy, full of sunny days, and I'm glad to say that I definitely made the most of them!!!
I spent many wonderful weekends with my friends to the sea, where hours went by chatting, laughing, swimming, playing guitar, singing, collecting shells, playing cards, dices and boules.

We also went in the mountain, where we enjoyed the fresh air and the amazing view lying down in a blanket, sunbathing, eating many slices of a delicious berries tart and talking about travels and future plans.

But, stop with these ramblings my darling girls, because I'm really looking forward to tell you my great news: I'm going in Ireland for the summer months!!! 
I've won a scholarship from my university for an internship of three months at the language centre of the DCU in Dublin, so I'll be there from the 29 of June to the 30 of September.
I've been in Ireland four times and I've always wanted to live there for a period, so I can't wait to pack everything, leave home and start this new adventure!!!
I've never been abroad alone for so long, so I'm a little worried about that, but I think it'll be a wonderful opportunity to challenge myself, grow wiser, improve my english once for all and meet many people from all over the world.

The coming weeks will be therefore dedicated to the preparations, in fact I've written a long list of things to do and to buy before the departure and when I think about it my heart starts beating madly!

Have you ever been to Dublin? Have you got any suggestion for me?

Lots Of Love