Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Something New!;)

 Hi everybody!:) I really want to show you my new purchases: 
  1. First of all my new burgundy gloves! I bought them yesterday in a little shop called " Lady", where I always find beautiful things! When I saw them in the shop window I truly fell in love..they are so lovely and woolly inside..perfect against this chilly weather! 
  2. My brooch with the old fisherman: i received it as a gift from my boyfriend when we were in Venice last week. It's handmade and the fisherman has a really nice expression that makes me laugh, so I usually wear it in my sweaters to beautify my outfits. 
  3. My vintage earrings: i found them in a vintage exposition and they are made with the paper of old love postcards. I think it's a really nice idea..and i like to fantasize about the identity of the lovers whose postcard has been used to create them.   
xxx Martina
(ps: sorry if sometimes my english is not soo good..but i'm trying to improve it, and i'll do my best!!!:D)                                                                                                                                                                                   


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