Saturday, 4 July 2015

My first days in Dublin...

Hello lovelies!!!
Guess what?! I'm in Dublin!!! I'm writing this post curled up in the bed of my room, with a cup of tea and some ginger biscuits..we don't have them in Italy so I was looking forward to savor their delicious taste again!
I arrived in Dublin last Monday, but it was late at night so I went straight to bed...carrying 35 kg of luggages made me feel really exhausted!!!
On Tuesday morning, after a quick breakfast, I went out exploring the was sunny and warm, so it was a pleasure to stay outside. 
I needed to buy some things, especially food, so I found a nice old woman, whose name was Beatrix, who was so kind to show me the road to a big supermarket where I found everything I was looking for! It was really funny to chat with her because she explained me many things about the old Irish language and the history of Dublin, and she made me feel really welcomed!!!

In the afternoon I had to meet my new colleagues at the DCU ( Dublin City University) and I was so excited! They were all very friendly and the department is situated in a very nice place, just in front of a big park, so green and peaceful!!! After the meeting I went there straight away and I ate some biscuits lying in the grass, with my book and my camera always ready to take some pictures!!!

Wednesday was my first day at work and, although I had to learn many many things, I was really enthusiastic and I tried to do my best to be useful and productive. I met two lovely girls, and they made me feel at ease from the very first moment...after a long day of loneliness I was so happy to have someone to talk with! Moreover the weather was absolutely gorgeous, so we ate our lunch outside and, after work I took some time to explore another part of the park, relaxing myself after such a busy day!

The past couple of days have been really intense, but I must say that, even if I need to get used to the city, to the new rhythms and to the million tasks I have to do at work I feel really happy to be in Dublin living this experience!
Yesterday was definitely the best day of the week because I finally meet my close friend Annalisa, who lives in the south part of the city with her boyfriend, an austrian guy she met ten years ago, during her erasmus experience in Maynooth! 
We lived in Venice together for nearly two years and we spent such a lovely time there that our friendship has lasted for many many years, despite the distance.

Yesterday afternoon she was studying for her master degree programme at the library of the DCU so, after work, she picked me up and we went to the city centre to do some shopping! It was amazing to stay with her, chatting and laughing, and then,to end with the bang, we joined some of her friends at a nice restaurant, called " La Dolce Vita", where we ate delicious things and we had a lot of fun, joking and listening to a live singer!

Last but not the least...this morning I bought my first kettle!!! We don't use them in Italy, but I think that for a tea lover like me it's an essential thing to own!!! So..I'm enjoying my cup of Apple and Cinnamon tea..feeling very proud of my purchase!!!