Sunday, 14 September 2014

Tiny Beautiful Things Of The Week

Lovely Sunday morning..I've dreamt about you all week!
From Monday to Friday I've been at the training courses for work with my colleagues and it has been so demanding and, sometimes, even absolutely boring!
Working with children followed by social services, training is essential, but sometimes the speakers explain in a voice so flat that they are unable to arouse the attention and to stay focused for eight hours can be really difficult!
Yesterday morning I decided to have breakfast with my mom in a tiny lovely cafe that has recently opened in town, to recover from the week! Actually it was the first time, since I've become allergic to dairy-products, that I've had the chance to eat a yummy vegan sweet roll with blueberry jam and a soy cappuccino, and I was so happy and excited!
 The thing that bothers me the most about being allergic is to loose these moments of conviviality, as the mere fact of having breakfast in a cafe and start the day with pleasure, so yesterday morning, in front of the wide selection of sweets that I could eat, it seemed to me to be in heaven!

Being in the city I also took the opportunity to go to my favourite herbalist's shop, where I bought a relaxing herbal tea made ​​from mallow, liquorice, chamomile, lemon balm and cumin, that is perfect if you suffer from gastrointestinal complaints, and to do some therapeutic shopping!
But the best thing of this week has been that my sister has come back from England!!!She has been away from home for two weeks and I've missed her a lot! She has brought me home a wonderful gift from Harrods: "Super Soups", a book full of recipes of soups for every day that I'm looking forward to try!



Saturday, 13 September 2014

New In ...

Hello lovely ladies!!!
Here some of my new purchases:

- two pairs of skinny jeans ( one light and the other dark blue) and a pair of grey trousers from H&M that I bought after the exam as special prize for my goal!
- a blue and white striped sweater always from H&M, really soft and comfortable that makes me wish for the coming of Autumn;
- a french book: "La Dame aux camélias", that I've bought in a tiny french bookshop through the narrow streets of Venice. In the next couple of months I really want to find some time to read in french again, a passion that I used to pursue when I was at the university studying french literature and I've set aside;
-"The Irresistible Blueberry Bakeshop & Cafe" by Mary Simses.
On the cover it was written: " If you liked Nicholas Sparks novels, you will devour this book", so I couldn't help but buy it!
- a blouse with lace collar and beads that I found still on sale in one of my favourite shops and I thought it could have been perfect to make more sophisticated a casual look;
- a special gift from my best friend: a necklace from Accessorize that she bought a couple of years ago, but she couldn't find the way to wear it! She knew that I liked it very much so, last week, she decided to give it to me and I was soooo happy!!! I love the satin colors of the beads and the fact that some of them are coated with colored cloth.

- two pairs of cotton trousers, one blue and the other strawberry-red, to match with these delightful floral shirts! Lately I'm in love with this kind of shirts, and I use to wear them inside the trousers for a fresh and lively look!

Monday, 8 September 2014

Tiny Beautiful Things Of The Week

Last week was so stressful because of my last exam at the university, but I also had some tiny beautiful things that I want to tell you!
First of all the gorgeous saturday morning that I spent in the countryside with Cloe, picking up blackberries and wild apples! The weather was warm and sunny, the fields were peaceful and there were sheaves of hay everywhere. I was so glad to spend some hours outside, and also Cloe was excited to run freely in the woods, jump in every single puddle and sniff everything!!!

And that's the second beautiful thing: I've drunk tea with milk for the first time in all my life! Obviously I've used soy milk, but it has been delicious, perfect with a piece of apricot tart to enjoy my break from studying in the afternoon!
For this occasion I've used my favourite teapot with strawberries and its cup, so it has been a really perfect teatime!!!

The third beautiful thing of last week has been this lovely bunch of roses that I received from an old man that I had helped at work!He had picked them up from his garden and, when I 've seen him with these wonderful flowers for me, I've felt full of gratitude and happiness! These small daily gestures make me love my job and give me the optimism that I need!!!

And the last but not the least beautiful thing of the week has been this book: "By the river Piedra I sat down and wept" by Paulo Coelho. Even if it it is not the kind of book that I usually read, I've loved it from the very first page! It is an intense story that tells about love and faith, and the author writes with virtuosity and clarity, so that every single word fits into a perfect puzzle.


Friday, 5 September 2014

First Week of September: the reached goals!!!

Lovely venetian cat!!!

It 's been a while since I've written the last post, but I'm super excited because yesterday I finished my university exams !!! Hooray !!! 
When I came out victorious from the examination room I felt a sense of relief / release incredible!!! After almost fifty exams now I can say I'm free!!! 
To tell you the truth the next few months will be quite stressful because I have to devote body and soul to the writing of the master thesis, but it is still a great satisfaction to have reached this milestone!

Toasting after the exam: tired but super happy!

Being in Venice I couldn't loose the opportunity to do a bit of shopping! 
Next to Rialto Bridge in fact there is a big shop of one of my favorite Italian brands: United Colors of Benetton! As I alluded in one of my last posts some weeks ago I wanted to buy a parka for the winter and yesterday I found a really cute one!!!

But shopping wasn't finished because, in a small handmade boutique called "Lazzari", I also found these lovely brown leather boots !!! 
As soon as I saw them and I tried them on I fell in love and I couldn't help but take them home with me!

Now I can say I feel ready for the Autumn!!!

As for the other goals: I booked my trial lesson for the course of Zumba and also the hotel for the two nights I'll spend in Skipton, with my mum and my best friend, at the end of September for the Yarndale Festival!Now I only need to find a hotel in York for the other two nights and then I just have to pack my bags!!!