Wednesday, 21 May 2014

The Last lesson in Venice...

 Last Friday was my last day of lesson of my university career!!!
These five years have passed in a flash, but they have been wonderful and unforgettable!!!
It was supposed to be a day of study in the library, but it was sunny and warm and we couldn't waist inside such a beautiful day!!!
It was fun to wander through the streets and take photographs..Venice shone brightly and we relished every single moment!!!
I also bought an amazing book : "Venice is a fish", written by Tiziano Scarpa, a sensorial guide of the city,  which is discovered through the feet, the legs, the heart, the hands, the face, the mouth, the nose and the eyes!!!
  This is a very unsettling guide to Venice. It doesn't contain the addresses of museums, hotels or restaurants.
 In "Venice is a Fish", the author invites the reader to partake in sensual experiences that will enable her to discover the most intimate facets of the city. It's a funny initiation ceremony where one learns how to stand on a gondola, to cross barefoot muddy canals and caress eyes shut the faces of statues.
In order to explore Venice with the taste I chose a yummy ice cream, which is made by GROM! It is an italian speciality,made in Turin with organics ingredients, and my ice cream cone with strawberry and dark chocolate was sublime!!!

Monday, 12 May 2014

A perfect Saturday morning!!!

Last week my parents were on holiday in Tuscany, so I stayed at home with my sister, Cloe and Minù!!!:)
The days have flown between work, study, houseworks and evenings with friends and the weekend has arrived in a flash!
On Friday night I went with my sister to our favourite Chinese restaurant and we spent some beautiful hours together, chatting, eating yummy things and laughing!!!
But my favourite moment of the entire week has been the Saturday morning!!!
We slept like angels until nine o' clock and, still in our pajamas, we prepared pancakes with chocolate and honey, orange juice and coffee to start the day with the smile in our faces!!!
After breakfast we went out for a walk in the countryside with was warm and sunny and the air smelled of flowers!!!
I really needed a morning like this to regenerate my body and my mind!!!
How was your weekend?