Sunday, 22 May 2016

A Spring-like Update

Happy Sunday my loveliest!
I'm writing this post with the windows opened, letting the fresh air of this glorious sunny day to come in and shake the curtains of my bedroom.
On the bedside table there is a burning candle, "Midnight Jasmine" of Yankee Candle, a very relaxing scent of water jasmine, sweet honeysuckle, neroli and mandarin blossom, which is perfect to celebrate this little moment of my own.
The last couple of months have really flown and my job has practically swallowed me, but there were some lovely things that are really worth being remembered...

1. Strawberries and chocolate on toast. There's nothing that can put me in a good mood like having a yummy breakfast! Last week I was craving for something sweet and tasty, so I went for a combination that really amazed me: the most creamy and delicious dark chocolate spread on toast with fresh organic strawberries: PARADISIAC!

2. Stripes. I simply adore them! I've been wearing this black t-shirt with white stripes in every occasion and I think it goes perfectly with every kind of outfit (a pair of skinny jeans, my favourite dungarees, my black leather jacket) and it makes me feel a little bit " glamour", expecially if I'm wearing a veil of red lipstick, which is something I thought I would have never been able to do!

3. Blue skies and windy walks. Spring is for the most stunning strolls in the countryside, where the meadows are showing all their glory, with their bright green grass, the colorful flowers and the lapping of the creek. Fingers crossed for more and more of these gorgeous days, for these running clouds which seem whipped cream and make me feel like I was in Ireland again, reducing a little the nostalgy for this isle of emerald!

4. Northanger Abbey. During the month of April I've been reading this classic, which is my first Jane Austen's book, and I throughly enjoyed it! It's a very quick and fun read and I would reccomend it to any lover of classics or to anyone who hasn't delved into this peerless writer yet!

5. Venice. How could I end up this post without mentioning Venice?!? You know how much I love this charming city and the feeling of happiness, peace and well-being I feel when I'm scampering around and about its tiny streets. 
April and May gave me some idyllic moments there with my friends and family, of whom I savoured every single moment hoping for more to come!