Wednesday, 5 February 2014

My grandmother's blouse

Some months ago, when I was peeking in my grandmother's wardrobe in Florence, I found this silky pink blouse and I thought it was beautiful.

My grandma told me she had created it when she was young and that she would have been really happy to give it to me as a present.

On Christmas Day I received this lovely sweater and I thought it would have been perfect to wear with the blouse.

It's funny because at the moment I'm reading a book entitled "The secret lives of dresses",by Erin Mc Kean, that I found in a second hand shop, and I think it fits perfectly with the story of this outfit.
 For my makeup I used:
- eye pencil: Neve Cosmetics "Pioggia/Taupe"
- mascara: Locherber "Extreme black"
- mineral blush: Neve Cosmetics " Creamy"
- lipliner: Neve Cosmetics "Ballerina Pink"

Have you got something of your grandmothers that you love to wear? Let me know..I'm so curious!!!