Sunday, 16 March 2014

Ten Things That Make Me Happy

Today I want to share with you other ten things that make me happy!!!

11. A garden full of flowers

The scent of flowers, their colors and the pride that you feel when you see them growing up and beautify your home, fills me with joy.

12. A steaming herbal tea

Sip a steaming herbal tea during the long winter evenings, under a wool  blanket , with a good book to read, is one thing that gives me a great pleasure.

13. Cycling in the countryside

On sunny Sundays I love to take the bike and go in the countryside! It's fantastic to ride with the wind in my hair and enjoy the feeling of freedom that comes over me!

14. My favorite perfume  

The fruity soul of blackberry, blueberry and raspberry meets with a flowered spirit, the transparent vibration of the green leaf is intertwined with the feeling of woods and musks, and the intensity of a beautiful summer day melts into the mysterious and intriguing suggestion of a walk in the cool and shady atmosphere of the woods.

15. Pancakes for breakfast

I love eating pancakes for breakfast, especially in the summer, with honey and  fruits like peaches, kiwis, strawberries, cherries, blueberries and bananas, because it is an easy way to feel like on holiday!!!

16. A soft wool scarf

On cold winter days I really like to be wrapped in a beautiful wool scarf, because it makes me feel protected and pampered!!!

17. The rainbow after a summer storm

The sky that, after a summer storm, is colored of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet and makes the countryside shine in all its glory, will never cease to amaze me and make me feel full of joy.

18. An unexpected gift

Coming home and find a small package just waiting to be unwrapped always makes me feel happy and is able to dissolve in a moment the weariness of the day!

19. Eat chestnuts

My favourite thing about autumn are chestnuts! I love to collect them in the woods and eat them with my family and my friends with a glass of mulled wine! The aroma that fills the air is so delicious!

20. Kids of different nationalities who play together

See how children of different nationalities are able to make friends and play together, free from the prejudices and the stereotypes that crowd the adults' mind, makes me feel happy and confident in the humanity.


  1. A gorgeous second instalment! Do you make your own scarves? There's something very satisfying about snuggling up in something you've made yourself!
    M x Life Outside London

  2. Thank you Michelle!!!=) My mother makes them for me =) she is very talented and I really love to wear her creations!!!