Thursday, 12 June 2014

An Adventurous Sunday Morning!!!

Last Sunday I went in the mountain with my friends to live an adventurous experience that I had never tried before: Rock climbing!!!
After a busy week, dividing myself between study and work, I really needed something relaxing and funny at the same time so, when my friends asked me to join them, I didn't hesitate!
The day was beautiful and hot, the sun shined in the blue sky and I felt full of energy!!!
The climbing wall was located in a clearing, accessible by walking for half an hour, which is perfect to do a little bit of muscle warming.
When we arrived and I saw the climbers, who were trying  to reach the top of the wall, I felt really scared.. I couldn't believe that I would be able to climb to the top, overcoming the dizziness!

Luckily my friends were cheering me on and soon the desire to try and the courage have taken over the I wore the harness and the shoes and I started the new adventure!!!

At first I needed the advice of my friends, who suggested me where to put hands and feet, but soon I felt quiet and concentrate and, slowly, I found myself on the top!

From there the view was wonderful and I was filled with a sense of peace .. I was so proud of myself to have done it!

After a morning of sport we were hungry, overheated and also a bit tanned, so we headed to a tipical restaurant and we ordered a tasty lunch!!!

There couldn't be a better way to end a beautiful morning like that ...




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