Monday, 27 October 2014

A few days abroad ( part 3) : Skipton and The Yarndale festival

And here I come to the last part of my trip in the stunning county of Yorkshire.

On my fourth day in England I was lucky enough to attend an event I've been waiting for months: The Yarndale festival, a creative event celebrating all things woolly and wonderful, which took place on the 27 and 28 of September in the lovely town of Skipton.

The day was sunny, even though the brisk air and, once we reached the town, we went straight to "Coopers", a delicious place that, upstairs, is home of the creative studio of one of my favorite bloggers, the lovely Lucy of "Attic 24".
On this occasion the room was open to the curious visitors like me, and it was beautiful to wander into her multicolor wools, her amazing creations and those of her nice friends.

After the visit, before heading to the fair, we enjoyed a delicious cup of hot chocolate and we bought some take-away salads to taste at lunchtime, prepared by the girls of the bar, who were all really kind and helpful.

To reach the festival, we opted for one of the free double decker buses, decorated for the weekend and, once we got in the pavillion, we have been literally swallowed up in a whirl of color, laughter and smiles, and it has been wonderful to share a so funny experience with so many passionate and creative women, coming from everywhere.

Undoubtedly the highlight of the day has been the meeting with the lovely Lucy, who greeted us with a warm hug!  After following her blog for years, it was a dream for me to be in her magical woolly world for real!

It was amazing to wander among the stalls, stock up on balls of colorful wool, fabrics and buttons, and also meeting the cutest alpacas I've ever seen and a soft white angora rabbit.

It was almost tea time when we went back to Skipton, so we decided to go in a lovely tea room for a snack!

After the break we were ready to explore the surroundings of the town, following a path that runs alongside the river and goes on in an awesome wood, which was made ​​even more impressive by the autumnal atmosphere, and the day ended in front of a delicious pizza, with tired legs but smiles on our faces!



  1. Lovely photos. Such a great weekend, roll on 2015!
    Carol xx

    1. Thank you so much Carol!!! <3 It was amazing to be there!!! See you next time :D!!!