Sunday, 28 December 2014

Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow...

After two years of patient waiting, yesterday afternoon the the snow has finally come to whitewash the rooftops, the gardens, the streets and the fields of my village.
It was amazing to stay indoors, with my nose glued to the window, watching the sparkling snowflakes as they fell made me feel so happy and excited!

I love snow so much, the silence shrouding the countryside while everything is covered in white, the sense of purity that fills the air, the biting cold that turns red the cheeks of the passersby and the footprints of the animals that live in the woods.

Having been ill in the last few days, yesterday I simply enjoyed  the snowfall from the warmth of my house, taking only a few pictures from the window, wrapped in my woolly blanket.
This afternoon, however, since it was sunny and the temperature had risen considerably, I took the opportunity to take a walk with Cloe and my little sister Linda.

The air was chilly, the countryside was shining in all its beauty and it was really funny to see Cloe running happily in the snow with her nice little red coat!

So...what I want to say is that Santa Claus really exists and this year he has brought me even the snow!!!
There could be no better way to end these four days of relax with my family and friends, full of gifts, delicacies and happiness!!!



  1. Such beautiful photos! Hope you're feeling better soon x

  2. It looks beautiful. I love the snow! Get well quickly, lovely! xx

    1. You're really kind Rebecca..Thank you so much lovely girl <3!!!

  3. Aww yay! Snow is the best <3 xo