Friday, 17 April 2015

Tiny Beautiful Things Of The Week

Happy Friday lovely folks!!!
Here's what has made my week a wonderful one:

1. Spending a whole day in Venice with Giulia and our friend Valeria, who we hadn't seen for more than a year! It's amazing how, with the closest friends, few minutes are enough to fill the time spent separated!
Last Monday was a wonderful day, full of laughs and little talks and I'm looking forward to another reunion like that!
Being three really greedy girls we decided to try a new kind of street  food: takeaway "bigoli"!!! They are a delicious kind of pasta, a little bit thicker than spaghetti, fantastic with amatriciana definitely must try them!!

2. "Battiti", the new book written by a friend of mine, Paola Lunardelli. 
She's a thirty years old girl that I've met some months ago for the first time! We participate together to an "English Club" once a week, so when she told me that she was a writer I wanted to read her book as soon as possible!
The book tells about the love story between Matilde, a 25 years old girl with a thesis to write, and Kieran, an Irish boy, who lives in a mysterious house surrounded by a wild garden...I'm two years older than her, but I have a thesis to write too and a weakness for Irish boys, especially the ones with deep green it seems the perfect book for me right now!

3. The yummy vegan breakfast I had on Wednesday morning with my mom!!! It was the better way to start the day and my brioche with vegan cream was glorious!!!

4.This wonderful ring from Brosway I bought as a gift to lift up my spirit yesterday morning! I love this collection and the combination of the golden ring with  the peach pink swarovski stone is amazing !It's so shiny and refined and the meaning of the stone is "irony", exactly what I need lately!!!

What has made your week a lovely one?


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