Saturday, 8 August 2015

A Day Trip To The Wicklow Mountains

Hi lovelies!!!

I'm so glad to be back in this little place of in Dublin has been really busy last month and I really needed some time for myself to share all my adventures with you!
The first weekend of July, less then a week after leaving Italy, I decided to join my new japanese friend Chikako, who works with me at the university, to a day trip to the Wicklow Mountains.
Being a girl from the countryside I couldn't wait to discover the surroundings of Dublin, a city that, despite being small and very cute, could be absolutely crowded, especially during the weekend.
Having been warned by the locals that in Ireland you can experience all the four seasons just in one day, I was well equipped against the bad weather, happy and excited about all the amazing places that I was about to visit!!!
As you know, I'm a great fan of the film " Ps: I love you", a romantic comedy with Hilary Swank and Gerard Butler, so you could imagine my happiness when I discovered that the trip included some of the most important places shown during the was also funny to listen to our guide, a middle-aged irish man, when he tried to tell the plot of the movie, trying to seem as excited as the women of the group when we reached the salient points.

The day started with a very nice walking in an enchanting wood somewhere in the Wicklow Mountains, where we could see some of the oldest oaks of the country, a key part of the natural and human irish heritage.
In Ireland in fact the oak tree was traditionally a symbol of strength, kingship, endurance and fertility and is often considered the King of Trees.
It's unbelievable that a place so close to Dublin can be so wild, green, quiet and stunning! The city is just around the corner but you can feel the power of the nature, and enjoy the smell of the moss and the wet leaves, admiring the gorgeous colours of the countryside.

At lunch time we stopped in Enniskerry, a little village where we found an organic restaurant which served a delicious dairy free vegetable soup ...exactly what I desired to warm me up a bit! And after the soup we went straight in a lovely coffee shop, called "Kennedy's" where we spent half an hour sipping an amazing cappuccino with soy milk.

The last stop of the trip was Glendalough, one of the most important monastic sites in Ireland. It's a wonderful place, crossed by a small river and surrounded by hills and woods, with its cemetery, the round tower, the cathedral in ruins and the little church, which give it an air of mystery.
I really can't imagine a better way to begin my adventure in Ireland, because I'm totally convinced that the beauty and the essence of this island is not stuck in the cities, but in its green meadows, in the scents of the fuchsias, in its deep blue water, in the waves of the Atlantic Ocean and in the running clouds of its skies.



  1. Darling! It's really wanderful! That old graveyard with that old church...I would have been there with you, night <3 :P and, oh, the woods are so lovely and tranquil. You knew a japanese girl? I hope you thought to me just a bit :)
    Love from Italy and me ^_^

    1. Emily, lovely girl!!! You would love mynew japanese friend..she's one of the most adorable person in the world! <3 You must visit Ireland..absolutely..I'm sure you will love it!!!
      Many many kisses

  2. It looks like you had a lovely day. The scenery is beautiful, I've never explored beyond Dublin city centre before. Next time I visit I'll definitely have to! x

    1. Rebecca, darling, you must visit the countryside of Ireland..especially Donegal, Connemara, The Ring of Kerry and Dingle Peninsula!!!:) My next post will be about my trip to Howth, a lovely village less than half an hour by train from Dublin..I saw the seals..can you believe it?!!
      Many kisses