Thursday, 15 October 2015

House is made of bricks and stones, Home is made of Love alone

After a couple of crazy weeks, spent as much as I could with friends and family, enjoying the warm waters of a spa in the little city of Merano, some lovely dinners made of hugs, comfort food and little talks, the amazing autumnal colors of the mountains during a nice pic-nic, that ended up with a hot chocolate and many many laughs in the cozy house of a friend near a very picturesque lake, surrounded by woods, I’ve finally found some time for myself to stop and dedicate my thoughts to this little place of mine.
Leaving Dublin the first day of October, after three months full of discoveries, emotions and challenges, hasn't been as hard as I had expected! I mean, even if I really really love the city and I have been feeling welcomed and at ease there from the very first moment, during this period away from home, from the people I love, I  have realized that I can’t live separate from all of them, from the verdant, peaceful, tidy and comfortable little village where I live since when I was a child and where all my roots are.

The first days at home I've felt grateful even for the smallest things like enjoying breakfast with my mummy, the morning cuddles with Cloe, going to the farmer market to fill my bags with delicious vegetables and seasonal fruits and wandering in the little streets of Venice in a bright and sunny afternoon.
Living abroad is not easy and, in spite of the excitement of a new life that you can built from scratch, sometimes you feel lonely and miserable, and all you want to do is to fetch the first plane to go home! I must say I have been really lucky to have my dear friend Annalisa (who I met more than 6 years ago in the beautiful city of the lagoon) and her lovely boyfriend who have taken care of me and made me feel at home, and my new japanese friend Chikako, who I can't wait to meet again in a couple of months!Friendship knows no boundaries and, if it’s deep and genuine, it can last for years and years despite the distance!
Therefore, what I have learnt from this amazing irish experience is that every person, even the strongest and the most independent one, really need to have something or someone that can give sense to the life away, that can fill it with happiness, satisfaction, dreams, and that can give his/her help, day by day, to build a new "nest" there, where you can feel at home again and you can start to weave your own web of relationships which are the secret of a joyful life.



  1. Such a lovely post (with some beautiful pictures!) I completely agree that sometimes, there really is no place like home! x

    1. Thank you so much my darling Rebecca!!! <3 I'm so grateful to have such a beautiful family and lovely friends by my side <3!!!!