Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Just A Minute In January...

Goodevening my lovelies!!!

Is there anyone still around here? I’m so sorry for the never ending absence from this precious little place of mine and I’m so glad that I’m finally back!!!
The reason why I 've decided to break this period of silence with this “ just a minute” post is that this short time seems to be the only one I can take during this period of craziness.
The new job is absolutely satisfying and captivating, but sometimes I feel like I’ve got on a running train that is not going to stop!!! 
So this evening, after more than a month, I’m curled up in my bed, under a fluffy blanket, with a boiling cup of hot chocolate and a hot water bottle on my feet, enjoying the simple pleasure of being alone with my lovely memories.
The big resolution I made for this brand new year was to try to find the genuine happiness in myself but also the strength I needed to break free of a relationship that, instead of giving me serenity, was stealing my joy of life and was filling myself with insecurities and sadness. 
So, January hasn’t started in an easy way, but, unexpectedly, it has also brought some beautiful emotions!!!
Unfortunately I didn’t do anything particularly exciting in the past couple of weeks, but I want to show you some of the pictures I took on Sunday morning when I went exploring the frosty woods near home with Cloe, mum and dad! 
It has been amazing to walk in the chilly air, among the crunching leaves, listening to the chirping of the birds and the lapping of the creek.
For a couple of hours I felt literally carried  through the pages of the wonderful book I'm reading, “The Country Diary of an Edwardian Lady” by Edith Holden, a diary which starts in the month of January 1906, and  includes the favourite poems, the personal thoughts and the observations on the wildlife surrounding the village of the writer in the Warwickshire
Sometimes the contact with nature and its enchanting beauty it’s all that we need to feel alive again, regenerated in body and soul.



  1. Beautiful photos! I'm sorry to hear your January didn't get off to a great start. Hopefully the rest of your year will be much better :) I've seen the diary of an Edwardian Lady a few times, I think I might have to get myself a copy! x

    1. Thank you so much lovely Rebecca!!! I keep my fingers crossed for that!!! I really suggest you this book...flipping through its pages, reading the poems and the daily notes of this lady is such a pleasure, especially during these wintry months!