Friday, 16 February 2018

30 Facts About Me

In less than a month I will turn 30, so I thought it would be lovely to share with you 30 facts about myself, just to let you know me a little bit better.

1. I was born in Florence, but I live in a little city in the north-east of Italy; however I’m lucky enough to go there quite often to visit my relatives and enjoy the city!
2. I’m a social worker and I truly love my job.
3. I’ve always been a booklover and my favorite authors when I was child were Astrid Lindgren and Beatrix Potter.
4. I’ve just split up with my boyfriend after an year together. Will I find Mr. Right one day?!?!
5. When I was eighteen I discovered to be allergic to dairy products, so I’ve been craving for cheese for too many years.
6. I love walking in the woods, especially with Cloe, my parent’s sweet Yorkshire terrier.
7. My favorite season is Autumn, with its bright orange pumpkins, the crunchy leaves, the sweet hot chestnuts, and the first boiling herbal teas.
8. I’m a Pisces, a sensitive and emotional dreamer, but also stubborn and determined.
9. I’ve lived in Dublin for some months and Ireland, with its green fields and cliffs overlooking the sea, will be always dear to my hearth.
10. I would like to have a family one day and, If I could choose, two daughters.
11. I adore baking cakes and biscuits, especially for the delicious smell that spreads in the kitchen while they are in the oven.
12. Tulips are my favorite flowers, so they inspired the name of my blog.
13. I’m scared of blood and I’m very ashamed of it.
14. I have zero patience and I get annoyed very fast, but I’m trying to improve.
15. I haven’t worn a dress for ages, then one day I bought a beautiful one and I felt so good that I haven’t stopped wearing them anymore.
16. One of my favorite books is “ One day” by David Nicholls, and the story always remind me a person who in the past was very important for me.
17. I bloody love chocolate, especially dark with hazelnuts…or rather, I’m addicted to it!
18. I’m a morning person, so I hate wasting my time in bed in the weekends, especially if the sun is shining.
19. I used to dye my hair blond, but now I prefer my natural light brown color.
20. One of my biggest passions is travelling and the last city I’ve explored is Edinburgh.
21. I prefer tea than coffee and in the morning I drink a big cup of green tea with mint leaves.
22. One of the first things that I usually do when I come back home from work is to light a candle.
23. I’m not a big fan of makeup, but sometimes a beautiful red lipstick truly makes the difference.
24. Cleaning my house and tidying it up gives me satisfaction and makes me feel better when I’m stressed out.
25. I would like to be in better shape, but I really hate going to gym and do the exercises under the eyes of everyone…it embarrasses me a lot!
26. Green, in all of its shades, is my favorite color.
27. The Scandinavian countries fascinate me a lot, and I’m really into the hygge style.
28. I lived in Venice for years when I was at the university and I’m still dazzled by its beauty every time I walk its streets.
29. I studied Swedish when I was younger and I would like to learn this beautiful language one day.
30. I have a real passion for owls, so you can find them in every corner of my little flat.



  1. Such a lovely idea to do this kind of post just before a birthday! You've shared some really interesting snippets too :) Sorry to hear about your recent break-up but the right thing to do if he wasn't the guy for you. Hope you're planning some more travel adventures in the meantime. I'm also fascinated by Scandinavia and green is my favourite colour too!

    C x

    1. Thank you so much Cat!!! Your comments are so lovely..they always put a smile on my face!!!

  2. I love One Day too - such a beautiful story and I absolutely agree about the red lipstick, it completely transforms how you feel about yourself! I'm sorry about your break up, I hope your Mr Right appears very soon for you x

    1. Thank you my lovely Rebecca!!! Your sweet words mean so much for me!I really hope Mr Right will appear one day soon..I'm so tired of all these disappointing men!!!

  3. Hi Martina! What a beautful post, really nice :D
    If you're interessed, I tagged you in my post "Music Tag".

    Have a nice Sunday!