Sunday, 26 January 2014

Sunday's Outfit

Today has been a sunny and bright day and this morning I decided to wear this black dress with birds that I bought on sale two weeks ago:) When I saw it months ago It was love at the first sight, so I have been really glad to buy it half price!!!:)
To stay warm I put over the dress this wooly cardigan, which is beige like the birds, and I wore a pair of furry slippers, that are perfect on a chilly day!!!
And this is one of my favourite necklaces!I think it's perfect with this dress but I also wear it with sweaters and cardigans to beautify them!!!
                                                          I hope you all had a nice day!!!


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    1. I'm trying to understand why I can't see the lovely comment that sailorjennie sent to me yesterday. I saw it in my e-mail but not here!!!what a pity!!anyway thankyouuu darling!!!

  2. Ohh dear, silly blogger! I can't remember exactly what I said the first time, but I think your necklace is adorable <3

    Jennie xo |