Friday, 31 January 2014

Tiny Beautiful Things Of The Week

Yesterday I finally finished my exams at Uni and I'm so relieved!!!:)
It was a nightmare to reach the department with my friend because there was high water in Venice and we didn't have our gumboots. However we didn't get discouraged and we bought some plastic bags in a supermarket to put on our shoes to keep them dry and we arrived on time, even if a little bit wet!
The exam went really well, so we reached our favourite patisserie to eat a delicious pastry with almonds and drink a boiling coffee!We always need something sweet to gratify us!!!
When I came back home I found Minù which was waiting for me in my bedroom...
 ...and also a gift from my parents for my name-day that made me really happy!

I really like this lovely photo album and I'm looking forward to fill it up with the pictures of my last holiday in Cambridge and Oxford!

After all the rain that dropped in the last few days, I want to leave you with this quote of  Mahatma Gandhi...


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