Sunday, 2 February 2014

10 Things That Make Me Happy

Inspired by the lovely Annatha from "Prattle and Froth", I want to share with you all the things that make me happy.
Let's begin with the first ten!!!

1.Walking in the woods
Walking in the woods is incredibly relaxing and pleasant in every season of the year, but especially in spring, when the undergrowth is filled with colorful buds, and in autumn when you can pick up chestnuts and the dry leaves creak under your feet.

2.French Bulldogs
Don't you think they are so cute???I saw this puppy in London a couple of years ago and I completely fell in love with it!!!French Bulldogs are really sweet, funny and cuddly and their nice face make me laugh a lot!

Not everyone knows that tulip is the flower which represents the true love.
It would be amazing for me to go to Holland, during the flowering period, to see the fields of tulips of different colours. 
4.Making biscuits
I really love making biscuits, especially on Saturday afternoon, in order to have something yummy to eat for breakfast on Sunday morning.
It's a pleasure for me to wear my beautiful apron, open my cookbook to chose the recipe and begin to knead, and I also love to watch them growing in the oven and the delicious smell that fills the whole house.

5.Snow days

It's fantastic to wake up in the morning and discover the fields whitened by the snow. Last year me and my mum decided to go out for a walk with our snowboots and it was amazing to walk in the snowy paths, immersed in the silence.

6. Burning Shented Candles 
 Staying in my bed with a wool blanket, a beautiful book, a cup of herbal tea and a scented candle which burns in my bedside table and spreads its scent in my bedroom, is a perfect way to spend a rainy and chilly Sunday afternoon.

 I've always loved books!It's wonderful to be carried away in another world and be guided by the story and its characters. A new book to read makes me feel happy and, when I go into a bookshop, I assume the expression of a child in a huge toy store!

8.Dark Chocolate
I'm addicted to dark chocolate because, due to my allergy to dairy products, it is the only one I can eat. Chocolate makes me feel stronger and happier in every moment and I can't help it!!!

9.My Best Friend

 Giulia is my best friend for many years and we studied and lived together in Venice. I really like spending time with her because she is funny, cheerful, intelligent, sweet, and we have many passions in common.
Life wouldn't be as beautiful as it is without her!!!

10. The Tales of Beatrix Potter
Beatrix Potter is my favourite children's writer. I received this book when I was five as Christmas present from my grandparents and I loved it so much!!!
Last summer I went to the Lake District to see her house, " Hill Top Farm", and it was a huge thrill for me!
Sometimes I like to reread her stories,even if I nearly know them by heart, and I feel like a child again.



  1. Aww I love all of these, especially the chocolate and reading a good book hehe <3

    Jennie xo |

    1. ❤❤❤ life would be so sad without chocolate and books!!!

  2. I agree with you on nearly all of these! I especially love baking and have a slight obsession with scented candles at the moment :) xx

    Ps. I'm having a giveaway on my blog and would love for you to enter :)

  3. Hi Sadie!!!thankyou very much!!❤I really love these clothes!!!:) I'm so happy to participate!!!!

  4. I love everything on this list! Lovely new blog layout too :) xx

    1. A big Thankyouuuuu to you darling <3!!!It was so nice to read your post and also take some time for me to think about all the things that make me happy:)!!!I hoped you could read my post inspired by you, and I'm really happy that you like the new layout!!!:)

  5. Such a gorgeous list! Especially curling up and throwing yourself into a good book, perfect :o)
    M x Life Outside London

    1. Thankyou sweet!!!:) I really couldn't live without books!!!