Saturday, 1 February 2014

Natural Makeup

Hi girls!:)
I really want to tell you about a topic that I think is very important: the Natural Makeup, the organic cosmetics which are free of any parabens, synthethic perfumes or dyes and which use raw materials of vegetable origins such as oils, waxes, butters and other precious ingredients.

These products are respectful of the nature and they aren't tested on animals, but on makeup artists, so they are perfect for the consumers who wish to become more conscious and attentive and who want to make a deal with the nature and buy products which take their essences from her.
The organic cosmetics aren't aggressive and are well tolerated from people who have a sensitive skin, and they also allow you to avoid the appearance of problems such as dermatitis or allergies, which often are caused by a massive use of harmful chemicals, contained in traditional cosmetics.
My favourite brand are:
 I discovered them two years ago when I had some allergy problems and I couldn't wear any cosmetic, because it caused me burning sensations, redness in my eyes and frequent lachrymation.
I've adored their products since the first time and I haven't left them anymore!!!
Neve Cosmetics is an Italian brand, I buy the products on the website and my favourite are:

 Mineral Blush "Creamy"
Mineral eyeshadow "Cometa"

Eye pencils

My favourite colors are: "Avorio/beige", "Pioggia/taupe", "Bosco/teal"
Lipstick "Almond Cookie"

Lily Lolo is a British brand, also in this case I buy the products on the website, and my favourite are:

Mineral Finishing Powder " Flawless Silk"

       Mineral Blusher " Doll Face"

             Lip Gloss "Clear"

I hope you enjoyed your reading!!!Let me know what you think about these brands and their cosmetics!!!:)



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