Friday, 14 February 2014

One of the stories of St. Valentine

Not everyone knows the ancient legends which lay behind St. Valentine's day.
I'd like to tell you my favourite one: Valentine was a bishop in Italy and he was used to help lovers who could't be married because of the social rules of the time. 
The legend tells the story of Serapia, a christian girl who was in love with Sabino, a soldier of the Roman Empire. Their love was prevented because christians were persecuted and then a soldier couldn't marry one of them. But Sabino was so in love with Serapia that he didn't care about the rules. He asked Valentino a help and the bishop consented to marry them in secret. Waiting for the wedding unfortunately Serapia fell ill and she got worse day by day.  All the things seemed against this union, but their true love was destined to triumph, even if in an unexpected way. Despite the fact Serapia was close to death, Sabino wanted to bless their love and Bishop Valentino joyned them together. Just after they had pronounced their promises, the two lovers fell asleep in a mortal  hug...they finally managed to stay together forever!!!
Bishop Valentine was martyred in 270 d.C. for the guilt of having sealed their love.
This tragic love story reminds me others like Romeo and Juliet, a book that I love, and also all the venetian legends which are represented in the columns of San Marco's Square!!!
I took this picture for you!!!


  1. I find the real story about Valentines more interesting than the legends - Valentines isn't just because of that one Valentine that you mentioned and nor was the day originally marked religious for love. There was actually numerous early Christian martyrs named Valentine in and the day originally was honoured to commemorate Valentine of Rome (martyred AD496), Valentine of Terri, the Catholic Church even notes a third saint named Valentine martyred in Africa. So the date really has nothing to do with love - that didn't occur until Chaucer in the 14th century. I prefer it over the legends, because it's the legends that everyone believes is the real reason behind the day, rather than it being a religious date.

  2. Hi Rachel,maybe the title of my post could be inappropriate,but the real intent was to tell a story that I like to believe instead of the historical facts. However if you read it carefully I think that it will become clear. Sometimes my english is not so good,I hope someone else will appreciate my favourite legend.

  3. That's a very romantic (and tragic) story! I think legends often help us understand the meaning behind these holidays whether the tradition is based in fact or not. Thanks for sharing this one, it's beautiful.
    M x Life Outside London

    1. Thank you so much Michelle for your sweet words!!!I totally agree with you!!! I hope you spent a beautiful St. Valentine's Day!!!