Saturday, 1 March 2014

Tiny Beautiful Things of The Week

This week I've studied a lot because time flies and I still have many books to read for the university and some essays to do!
Fortunately Cloe always keeps me company...even if she sleeps and snores for the most of the time!!!

On Thursday I went in Venice for the graduation of a friend and it was a really beautiful day!!!
The sun shined in the sky, it was warm and there was an air of spring! 
I was so glad to spend the entire day with some of my best friends and after the graduation we partied until late at night! 
We slept in a tiny but cosy bedroom of an hotel and, the morning after, we did some shopping!!!

I bought a dress for my birthday ( that will be next week) and this beautiful hairpins in the shape of butterfly!!!

And the song on  whose notes I danced for the whole week has been "Budapest" by George Ezra! I like it so much and when I listen to it I feel happier and carefree!!!



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