Thursday, 27 March 2014

What's in my bag?

I've read a lot of posts about the contents of people's bags and I really like them because I'm sure that they reflect a little bit the personality of their owners.
I want to share with you what a keep in mine...
From the left:
1. My pair of Ray-Ban sunglasses:I received them from my parents for my Baccalaureat and I wear them all the year.
2. My yellow headset for my i-phone, which is useful when I need to chat on the phone and I'm driving.
3. The headphones to listen to music when I'm travelling alone by train or by bus.
4. My little perfume " Violet", which is perfect when you're away from home all day. 
5. My strawberry fragranced lip balm.
6. My new yellow wallet that I received as a gift from my birthday from my best friend.
7. House keys and car keys.
8. Liquorices:I keep them in a colored tin box and I can't stay without them because they are a great remedy against low blood pressure.
9. My pochette, where I keep some pills, some patches , a mascara, an eyeliner pencil and another lip balm with honey and propolis.
10.My i-phone.
11.My pink Moleskine diary, which is perfect to write all that I have to keep in my mind!!!
12. My Nivea hand cream,  which is perfect for my hands that are always chapped.
13. My flowery little mirror that I bought last summer in the Lake District.
14. Soft tissues.
15. A book .. I always need to take with me something to read.
16. My beautiful pen of the Little Prince, one of my favourite books when I was a child.
         And you, what do you keep in your bag???


  1. Always good to nose in someone's handbag :)

  2. Love a good look inside someone else's handbag, so very nosy!!
    Your wallet's gorgeous!
    M x Life Outside London

  3. I have a what seems like a million receipts in my bag, I suck at tidying it out I will be honest!