Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Easter Day...

These little holidays have passed in a flash and I want to share with you some shots about my Easter Sunday!!!
We spent the all day in family and we ate some delicious things!!!
My mother prepared one of her specialities: risotto with strawberries.
It's easy and fast to prepare but the result is simply delicious and and its flavor is delicate and refined at the same time!!!
And here is my beautiful mom with Chloe, the little naughty puppy of the house!
As a dessert I prepared some muffins with limoncello, almonds and dark chocolate, to eat together with the chocolate eggs..yummy!!!
How was your Easter Day?


  1. Chloe is adorable!!! And your mama's very beautiful too!
    Our Easter was spent eating an ENORMOUS roast lamb dinner followed by my husband's home made pavlova and a snooze. Pretty perfect!
    M x Life Outside London

    1. Thank you sweet!!!:) I really really love pavlova!!!;) you're a lucky wife!!!

  2. puppy so cute!
    your blog is amazing I already followed you on bloglovin. If you are interested in following each other on GFC and other social media, can you pls follow and let me know by a comment; I will follow you back based on all follows. Links on my blog. thanks in advance, xoxo