Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Some days with Lady Butterfly

I want to introduce to you Lady Butterfly..this handmade butterfly, created with
scraps of cloth, that is the main character of my English course for children of 4 years old.
From the first day of April I work in the nursery school of my village, the one where I went when I was a little girl, and I hold a workshop of English for two hours a week.
When I received the proposal I was so excited , but also a little worried , because I didn't know how to keep alive the attention and the enthusiasm of the children.
The idea came to me when I was talking with my best friend and, until now, it has been a success!!!
The first day of the workshop was last Monday and I told the children that I had spent the weekend in a beautiful country called England, from which I had brought a surprise. From a luggage I pulled out this lovely butterfly  and I told them that she spoke a foreign language, the English language!
The kids were so happy to learn some words in English to communicate with Lady Butterfly and, in order to know how to pronounce her name properly, we listened and danced this simple song: " Fly Butterfly".
 From my big bag I also extracted an atlas and  Lady Butterfly helped us to find out where her country was ... The kids were so curious and it was great to see the wonder in their eyes!

During the activity we also learnt how to say " Hello" and " Bye-bye" and, in the end, the kids had fun coloring the portrait of their new friend.
I'm really happy for the result of the first lesson and I'm trying to organize stimulating and funny activities for the next ones...Always with the support of Lady Butterfly!!!
Could you suggest me something?
                                 I would appreciate it very much!!!!
 Cloe is always a bit shy when it comes to making new friends!!!


  1. I love this! I bet you're brilliant with the children :) I wish we were taught another language in nursery, in England we don't start learning a language until we're about 12 xx