Thursday, 17 July 2014

Tiny Beautiful Things of the Week

Hello everybody!!:)
I'm so glad that this week I can do a post like this! It was February when I did the last one!
The summer is finally's hot and the sun shines all day long! I'm so happy because I was really tired of all that rain!!!
The first beautiful thing of this week has been a delicious cake with chocolate and vanilla!:) I
'm a huge fan of these soft cakes which are perfect to be tasted in the morning with a cup of tea or coffee...They give me the right boot of energy to face the day!
The only problem was that it was an experiment and I put too little chocolate..the next time I must abound with it!!!

The second beautiful thing has been my new perfume: Primrose.
This is a minute and delicate flower and its bloom symbolically represents the rebirth of a lush, vital and rich of perspectives period, which is exactly what I want for my close future.
I hope this fragrance will be a good omen!!!

I'm in love with scarves, so they are in the third place of my beautiful things of this week!!! I bought the black and white scarf with my brand new black leather jacket and the dress with watermelons, and the other one to match it with the millions of blue things that are squished in my wardrobe!
These four days have passed in a flash and they have been full of amusement with the children at work, nice chats that have brought me back in the time of my adolescence, friendship and little satisfactions that have warmed my tonight I feel more optimistic and confident than I have been in the last few months...and it's beautiful!
What have been your tiny beautiful things of the week?


  1. I think cake in the morning with a cup of tea sounds amazing! What a perfect start to the day <3

    Jennie xo |

    1. I totally agree with you darling!!!!<3