Sunday, 20 July 2014

Watermelons on Saturday night...

Hello everybody!!!
I really want to show you some pictures about yesterday night, when I went with my friends  in a nice place, in the middle of the countryside, to eat roasted chicken and chips and a big slice of watermelon!!!
 It was a perfect summer night, so we went there by bicycle, ready to enjoy a yummy dinner in the field, surrounded by flowers and corn , and enlivened by the music of a band, which was playing live.
This place, called "Anguriara", meaning "place where they sell watermelons", is set up in July and run by young volunteers who serve slices of fresh watermelon, various dishes, which can vary according to the theme of the evening,and drinks of all kinds!!!
It is also a place where local music bands can play, in order to liven up the evenings, and it is always full of people of all ages! 
We ate a huge portion of chips, laughed and chatted as if there was no tomorrow, and shared a big slice of watermelon, which was absolutely delicious!!!
It was a wonderful night of friendship and amusement, surrounded by cicadas and scents of nature, and I felt really happy and lighthearted!!!
How was your weekend?
I hope you enjoyed it!!!