Saturday, 23 August 2014

Are you an authentic booklover?

1- You are reading something right now.

2- Even if you are reading a book, you can think about your next reading at the same time.

3- You often ask someone to lower his voice to read in peace. The chaos bothers you!

4- Sometimes reality seems so boring. Nothing can be remotely interesting as what happens in books.

5- You have cried, at least once, for the death of a character.

6- Many of the books you've read have marked you emotionally.

7- You are so keen on reading that you don't limit to the purchase of books, but you can buy all that is part of this world: cups, slippers, pillows, bookmarks ....even tattoos!

8- You often make 'bookish' jokes that others don't understand.

9- Despite the commitment, you've never been able to become friend with someone who doesn't like books or with someone that despises your absolute favorite author.

10- On the contrary, you jump for joy when you meet someone who has your same passions.

11- If you prefer one person to another, you can't do it with books. One favorite book? Difficult!

12- You always like to experiment with new genres!

13- It's raining and it's cold? What's the problem?! ... It 's the perfect atmosphere to start reading, or to tidy up your home library!

14- It is better for you  to go out and meet people in the library rather than in the bar.

15- You don't draw back when someone pulls out the great enigma: "Is it better the book or the movie?".

16- Despite the age, you have earnestly desired to receive a letter from Hogwarts!

17-You are always puzzled  when someone says that  he/ she doesn't  love reading!

Recently I've read this identikit about the perfect "booklover" and I've found it really funny and truthful!!!

What do you think? Do you identify in some of these points?


  1. The 16th is perfect for me ^_^ I'm still desiring to receive a letter from Hogwarts =D