Friday, 5 September 2014

First Week of September: the reached goals!!!

Lovely venetian cat!!!

It 's been a while since I've written the last post, but I'm super excited because yesterday I finished my university exams !!! Hooray !!! 
When I came out victorious from the examination room I felt a sense of relief / release incredible!!! After almost fifty exams now I can say I'm free!!! 
To tell you the truth the next few months will be quite stressful because I have to devote body and soul to the writing of the master thesis, but it is still a great satisfaction to have reached this milestone!

Toasting after the exam: tired but super happy!

Being in Venice I couldn't loose the opportunity to do a bit of shopping! 
Next to Rialto Bridge in fact there is a big shop of one of my favorite Italian brands: United Colors of Benetton! As I alluded in one of my last posts some weeks ago I wanted to buy a parka for the winter and yesterday I found a really cute one!!!

But shopping wasn't finished because, in a small handmade boutique called "Lazzari", I also found these lovely brown leather boots !!! 
As soon as I saw them and I tried them on I fell in love and I couldn't help but take them home with me!

Now I can say I feel ready for the Autumn!!!

As for the other goals: I booked my trial lesson for the course of Zumba and also the hotel for the two nights I'll spend in Skipton, with my mum and my best friend, at the end of September for the Yarndale Festival!Now I only need to find a hotel in York for the other two nights and then I just have to pack my bags!!!



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