Sunday, 17 August 2014

Saturday Night In The Middle Of Nowhere...

The different weekly commitments prevent me and my friends from seeing each other as often as we would like but, when we organize an evening together, we always like to try new places to eat something tasty and spend an enjoyable evening!!!
Yesterday night we opted for a cosy little restaurant that was really in the middle of nowhere!
First of all we consulted the map and we noticed that the place was really lost in the mountains, then we climbed aboard of Marzia's car, who is the braver at driving of us three, and we headed to destination full of expectations.
We left the city behind, and an hairpin after another, we found ourselves in the midst of verdant forests, which shone brightly after the summer rain! We had to ask for direction to a passer-by, one of the few inhabitants of those remotest lands, populated however by beautiful cats, but even if the road was tiny and winding we arrived at the destination safe and sound and super hungry!!!

The scenery was truly amazing: we were surrounded by mountains, there was a small church, and even some goats that were grazing placidly the grass of the valley.

It was so cold, so we took some pictures in a rush, and we went straight inside! 
We chose a table in a tiny veranda, where there was a beautiful stove that heated the environment, making it really cozy, and a gorgeous view of the landscape!
I ordered a yummy bruschetta with grilled vegetables and speck and, to finish, one of the better herbal tea I've ever drunk, so it was well worth it to get up there!!!



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