Saturday, 13 September 2014

New In ...

Hello lovely ladies!!!
Here some of my new purchases:

- two pairs of skinny jeans ( one light and the other dark blue) and a pair of grey trousers from H&M that I bought after the exam as special prize for my goal!
- a blue and white striped sweater always from H&M, really soft and comfortable that makes me wish for the coming of Autumn;
- a french book: "La Dame aux camélias", that I've bought in a tiny french bookshop through the narrow streets of Venice. In the next couple of months I really want to find some time to read in french again, a passion that I used to pursue when I was at the university studying french literature and I've set aside;
-"The Irresistible Blueberry Bakeshop & Cafe" by Mary Simses.
On the cover it was written: " If you liked Nicholas Sparks novels, you will devour this book", so I couldn't help but buy it!
- a blouse with lace collar and beads that I found still on sale in one of my favourite shops and I thought it could have been perfect to make more sophisticated a casual look;
- a special gift from my best friend: a necklace from Accessorize that she bought a couple of years ago, but she couldn't find the way to wear it! She knew that I liked it very much so, last week, she decided to give it to me and I was soooo happy!!! I love the satin colors of the beads and the fact that some of them are coated with colored cloth.

- two pairs of cotton trousers, one blue and the other strawberry-red, to match with these delightful floral shirts! Lately I'm in love with this kind of shirts, and I use to wear them inside the trousers for a fresh and lively look!



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