Monday, 13 October 2014

A few days abroad (part 1) : York

Hello ladies!!!
Sometimes you only need a few days abroad to feel restored in your body and in your soul.
From the 24 to the 28 of September I went in England, a country that I love, where I spent four sunny days with my mother and my best friend. Our destination was the county of Yorkshire and we visited the cozy city of York, the bucolic village of Haworth and the lovely Skipton.
In this post I really want to tell you about the day I spent in York so, if you are interested in my trip, let's wait for the other episodes!!!

The day started with a walk along the river Ouse , where we saw the typical steamboats, before having a delicious breakfast at "Costa", with toasts, strawberry jam and litres of american coffee.

Full of energy we got around the tiny roads of the city centre, with their peculiar shops of fabrics, colorful buttons, and obviously tea and sweets for any taste.

We spent also almost an hour in a wonderful bookshop, where I bought four books that I had desired for ages: The book thief, The Luminaries, The fault in our stars and Looking for Alaska.

For lunch we tried a fish and chips in a local pub, but it was actually too much for our little stomach so, to digest it, we climbed the walls of the city, visited the gothic cathedral, the castle and the beautiful gardens.

Fortunately we felt hungry again just in time for an afternoon tea to " Bettys", where, for the first time in all my life, I've tasted a blueberry macaroon, with a faboluos lemongrass and ginger herbal tea ( that I've also bought in the shop) and a sublime dark chocolate.

What's better than a yummy break in the afternoon, in the relaxing atmosphere of a confortable and pastel colored tea room, with white china teapots?!!!



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