Tuesday, 14 October 2014

A few days abroad (part 2) : Haworth

The following day, after a good night's sleep, we went by train to the bucolic village of Haworth, an unmissable destination for all the lovers of the novels of the Bronte sisters.
Personally I have read and loved "Wuthering Heights" by Emily and "Jane Eyre" by Charlotte and I could not wait to cross the threshold of the house in which these works of art had taken shape!

Although in the early morning the day was a bit grey and rainy, as soon as we reached the village a wonderful sun came out and we could eat outside our sandwiches and take a walk in the surrounding countryside.
A light autumnal breeze was blowing , the trail was covered by the yellow leaves of the early days of autumn and the blackberries were shiny and juicy.

In the early afternoon we strolled about the little cemetery of the village in search of the graves of the sisters, only to discover that they were buried inside the adjacent chapel and we spent some pleasant hours visiting their house and discovering their memories.

To end with a bang we went in a lovely tea room, where I ate a slice of a butternut squash and chocolate chips cake ( totally dairy free) , which was divine!!!
It was a really nice place, where people could even buy ceramic wares and color them with pastel colors provided by the place, work on knitting and crocheting, giving vent to their creativity!



  1. Simply fantastic *-* I would go there to one day :)

    1. You MUST go honey!!! <3 It's wonderful!!!