Monday, 20 October 2014

An Enchanted Forest And A Dairy-Free Apple Cake

Hello ladies!!!
I took these pictures two Sundays ago, but the past couple of weeks have been so busy I couldn't find the time to write even a little post about them.
Finally this evening seems to be the right one and I'm enjoying my free time, curled up in bed, with a cinnamon scented candle lit , a soft woollen blanket, my laptop, and a cup of steamy hot chocolate!!!
This month, in Italy, has given us a lot of sunny days so, especially during the weekends, I've taken the chance to spent some time walking in the woods, admiring the nature in its autumnal shades, eating wild apples and picking up the yellowed leaves.
A Sunday I've decided to reach a place, not far from home, where I used to go with my father and my grandfather when I was a little girl, especially before Christmas, to pick up the moss for the nativity scene we created at home during the Advent.
The place is absolutely stunning: the lush trees, the sound of the waterfall, the crystal clear water and the soft light that filters through the foliage... it seems to be in an enchanted forest!!!
To get there you have to cross a wooden bridge, rather tatty so, when I was little, I felt like being on the set of Indiana Jones and even now, at the age of 26, the feeling hasn't changed at all !!!
It has been regenerating to be there and, once at home, I wanted to end the morning with a bang, preparing this delicious cake with red apples, hazelnuts and cinnamon custard, which was totally dairy-free and really fabulous with a cup of lemon and ginger tea (I'll give you the recipe as soon as possible)!


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