Thursday, 27 November 2014

It's Time To Celebrate!!!

Hello sweet ladies!!!
This week has been a special one for me: Monday it was the birthday of my best friend and Tuesday my blog turned one!!! <3 
It's amazing how quickly the time has passed and how much this little virtual space in which I write my thoughts and I keep my memories has become important for me!!!
In the past twelve months I have discovered many blogs that I love and which can brighten up my evenings, make me feel inspired, creative and full of desire to do and make the most of every single day, savoring what it brings to me!

On Tuesday morning Giulia came to my house and we could celebrate together!!! The house smelled of cinnamon, there was a birthday present to open and a delicious lemon drizzle cake that couldn't wait to be tasted!!! 
This lovely box contained some treasures: a selection of Taylor's of Harrogate teas, "Spiced Apple", "Chamomile and Vanilla", "Blackberry and Elderflower", "Lemongrass and Ginger", two doubloons of dark chocolate and two of milk chocolate! It was a special gift because it came directly from "Betty's ", the gorgeous tea room in York where we went two months ago!!!

It was wonderful to see the expression of surprise, excitement, trepidation and genuine happiness of Giulia when she read my greeting card and opened the box!!!Also Cloe wanted to partecipate to our little party!!!

Of course we couldn't resist a moment more, and we wanted to try one of the teas, the purple one, because it's Giulia's favourite colour, accompanied by a slice of cake!!! It was a refreshing infusion which had a balanced taste of fresh and ripe berries with a sweet fragrance of elderflower.. perfect with the flavor of lemon of the cake!!! 

I couldn't imagine a more beautiful morning to celebrate two of the most precious things of my life!!!

Lots of Love to you and thank you so much for stopping by...


  1. What a lovely present! I love Betty's, it's where my Mum and I always go for a treat when we're shopping in York! x

  2. Rebecca, darling!!!Thank you so much!!! I've loved Betty's and York in's such a beautiful city!!!
    Have a nice Sunday!!!