Tuesday, 9 December 2014

5 Tiny Beautiful Things Of The Weekend

Good morning lovelies!!!
Today I feel like it was Monday morning because I've had a long festive weekend off from work, and it's always hard to come back to daily routine!!!
However here 5 tiny beautiful things of this weekend that has filled me with joy!!!

1. A beautiful day in Venice on Friday with Giulia! I haven't been there for months and I've missed it a lot, so we took  the opportunity to do some Christmas shopping and enjoy a seafood lunch at one of our favorite restaurants!!!

2. Visiting the Christmas Markets of Hall in Tirol and Rattemberg with Cristina, one of my closest friends. 
We spent a beautiful day together full of laugh, little talks, shopping, mulled wine, chestnuts, scented candles and genuine happiness!!!

3. Making Christmas cookies with cinnamon with my sister, singing and dancing to the rhythm of Christmas carols.

4. Writing Christmas cards for my new lovely friends from England and The Netherlands!!! I'm super excited and I'm looking forward to find the first Christmas card from them in my postbox!!!

5. Decorating the Christmas tree with owls, hedgehogs, birds, scented orange slices, pine cones and small golden apples. It's a 'tradition for us to put on the decorations on the 8 of December and it was wonderful to spend time with my family dedicated to creativity.



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