Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Christmas Markets : Hall in Tirol & Rattemberg

Last Saturday my alarm clock rang at 5 in the morning and I left my cosy bed for a day to the christmas markets in Tirol with Cristina, one of my closest friends!
We were so sleepy but really excited as well and we spent the four hours journey by bus chatting and laughing!!!
We arrived at Hall in Tirol at ten, the air was chilly and the sky was white..it seemed  all ready for a beautiful snowfall.

All wrapped up in our coats, with woolly hats and gloves, we went straight to the christmas markets and we enjoyed a lot wandering around among the stands which sold many different things, from woolly sweaters to scented candles and from typical Tyrolean food products to handmade wooden animals. 

 After a while we decided to take a bag of hot chestnuts to warm us and, despite the fact that our fingers immediately turned black, it was a really good idea !!!

In a small wooden fence there were also some sheeps and a goat and the kids were trying to caress them! 
They were so beautiful with their colorful woollen hats, their flushed cheeks from the cold and a big smile on their faces!

In the afternoon, after a fast lunch with some sandwiches, we arrived at Rattemberg, a very pretty village, full of small traditional shops which sold blown glass objects  and colorful houses.

There was a pleasant atmosphere, some kids played and sang Christmas songs and the smell of mulled wine was amazing.

We also discovered a pretty vintage shop runned by two Dutch girls where I enjoyed a lot taking thousand of pictures and I tasted a very tipical kinderpunsch that was really delicious!!!

It was a wonderful day full of fun, genuine happiness, christmas shopping and it's in days like this one that I feel how important friends are for me and how much I need them in my life!!!



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