Sunday, 11 January 2015

Comforting "Kipferl"

Happy Sunday afternoon lovelies!!!

I had planned a little trip in the mountain not far from home for this afternoon, but my friend wasn't feeling very well today and the weather was cold, foggy and grey, so unfortunately I spent the all Sunday at home!
I must say I was a little sad about that because I have always great expectations for the weekends so, in order to defeat the bad mood, I decided to make some special biscuits called " Kipferl" for the first time.
They are fragrant and savory little delicacies of the Austrian tradition, which are usually prepared during Christmas time. I've found their recipe in a novel and, according to the author, they must be shared with people who need to be comforted and encouraged. 
Even if the holidays are over I thought a sweet pleasure was exactly what I needed to feel better and enjoy my day off, filling my kitchen with the delicious smell of vanilla! 

200 gr of margarine
100 gr of sugar
1 vanilla bean
100 gr of ground almonds
250 gr of flour 00
powdered sugar 

Mix the butter and sugar until creamy, then cut in half the vanilla bean, scrape the inside and add it to the mixture.
Add the sifted flour and the ground almonds and mix thoroughly.
Work the dough until you get a roll and cut it  into sticks about 2 cm long. 
Give everyone a curved shape and place them on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper.
Bake for about 10 minutes at 190 degrees until golden brown.
Sprinkle the powdered sugar on the biscuits when they are still warm and leave them to cool.

They were so yummy that even little Cloe wanted to join us for a tea break!


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