Sunday, 17 July 2016

A Little Talk...

The last day in the library!
Wonderful Sunday my lovely folks!
I know that I owe you an explanation for having been so negligent so far, so here it is, plain and simple, the reason why I've been so silent in this little place of mine has been the terrible, stressful and feared national exam to be a professional social worker I've been preparing during the last six months.
Working full time, it hasn't been easy to focus on studying, so getting ready for this text has taken all of my free time, especially the weekends and the evenings after work, that are supposed to be used to chill out and regenerate.
But, you know what?!?! IT WAS WORTH IT, BECAUSE I PASSED IT, in spite of all my worries and insecurities!
When I saw the results on the net, I couldn't believe my eyes and I was, and I'm still, so proud, happy and relieved!
Pass this exam was extremely important for my career infact, not even a week after the results, I started a new job, which allows me to put into practice what I've studied and I'm passionate about and, despite the fears, I can only be in the seventh heaven!

To be forgiven for my long absence, here some of the lovely things that made me happy in the last couple of months:
  1. Pancakes with strawberries and maple syrup. Also my last post on the blog started with something sweet that involved strawberries, but to be a greedy girl means exactly this: to be excited and delighted in front of a plate of freshly made pancakes, to be tasted on Saturday morning in a comfortable pajamas.
  2. "Wild". I've been reading this story of adventure and rebirth, written by Cheryl Strayed, for a while and I've been totally captivated by it. In its pages you can feel the fire of the desert, the icy cold of the Sierra and the hypnotic power of a remarkable woman who, one step after the other, finds herself and her path
  3. Sisterhood. I love spending quality time with my little sister Linda; She is my partener in crime and my midnight companion, the one I can sing out loud in the car with, the one that always motivate me to do my best, the one I can eat tons of icecream with, without feeling guilty because she always fights for the last spoon. Despite the difference of age, the relationship we have is special and she always knows how to cheer me up and make me smile! After being an only child for ten long years, she is definitely the best gift my parents could have given to me. 
  4. Amsterdam. There's always something exciting about planning a trip in a city that you've never explored before. People say Amsterdam is the Venice of the north, so I couldn't think of a better place to spend a few days off next month! Moreover, it will be the first holiday together for me and Linda, so I really can't wait to start packing!

While I was studying I decided to write a list of things I would have done after the exam and, one of my resolutions, is to post more, at least once every couple of weeks! Having said that, I really hope that you will hear my news more often from now on...fingers crossed!!!



  1. Dear, I'm really happy for you! <3 Good luck for your new job! ^_^