Saturday, 30 July 2016

Just A Little Touch Of Blush...

Goodevening my lovely ladies!!!

Clearance sales are a real blessing! I've just come back from an afternoon of shopping with a little haul of makeup products and I can't wait to try them all!
During my everyday life, I'm used  to put on a very natural and fresh make up: just a little touch of blush on my cheeks, a coat of black mascara on my lashes, which unfortunately tend to be short and thin, and a lipstick that enhances the natural color of my lips and that can keep them moisturized and soft.
However, I can't deny that I'm very passionate about lipsticks, so I often experiment with brighter colors, bolder and eye-catching! 
Actually, this overstated shopping was absolutely not planned, but once I was in the Kiko's  store of my town, a famous Italian brand whose prices are perfect for people who like to experiment with makeup and don't want to spend a fortune, I was literally dazzled and spellbound, and  I couldn't  resist to fill my basket !

So, here what I bought:

  • Kiko nail laquers, number 48 and 58;
  • Kiko outdoor bronzer, "Technical honey", number 01;
  • Kiko matte lipstick " Velvet Passion", number 315;
  • Kiko lipstick "Mirage", number 05;
  • Kiko lipstick "Endless love", number 05;
  • Kiko lip laquer " Shining Star", number 02 and 04;
  • Kiko "bright duo" baked eyeshadow, "Infinity", number 239;
  • Kiko 3d light & glow highlighter " Conquer Coral", number 01.
Have an amazing weekend!



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