Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Wonderful Wednesday # 1

It's a late September Tuesday evening, I'm curled up in bed, with the window open, the sweet  scent of vanilla of my favourite candle is in the air, and the first cup of hot chocolate is in my hands. I'm bloody excited my lovely ladies, because, after months and months of hesitation, I'm finally entering on tiptoe in this faboulous world of Wonderful Wednesday!
Since when I discovered the gorgeous blog of Sally, a couple of years ago, these weekly dates full of happiness and positivity have become an essential part of my routine, and I'm always waiting for them with trepidation.
So, what a joy that this merry community is getting bigger and bigger!
It's amazing how discovering the little daily joys, considering them as a gift and greeting them can help you living in happiness.
Being in a crucial moment of my life, when I'm finally " leaving the nest" and days are full of packing and unpacking, I feel it's the right time to start a new chapter also in this little place of mine, that is so dear to my hearth.

So, withouth any further procastinations, let's talk happy things...

1. Moving house. Oh my goodness! I'm very excited!!! I still can't believe it, but last Friday I signed my first contract for the renting of an house of my own and I received the bunch of keys!Hooray!!!It's a cute little flat on the top of an historic building in the centre of a lovely town. When I saw it for the first time it was love at the first sight..I think the feeling was pretty similar to the one the brides say they have felt when they've found the right wedding dress! I'm looking forward to start my new life within those walls, which seem already so familiar!
2. Figs & almonds jam. I received a jar of this jummy jam some weeks ago when I went to Florence for the weekend to visit my grandma, and I must admit I have become completely addicted to it! It's the perfect treat after an healty dinner, just to full your mouth with a spoon of delight, or to spread it on a slice of warm's enough to feel in paradise!
3. A new book: "Harry Potter and the cursed child". I grew up with Harry Potter! When I started reading the first book of the series I was eleven and, year after year, my excitation for the coming out of the sequels has been stronger and stronger! I received this book some days ago but, instead of throwing myself headlong into reading, I decided to save it for the fìrst nights alone in my new flat..I think there couldn't be a better way to kick off my new house!
4. Apples. One of the things I love the most about Autumn! Small, red, sweet and succulent little joys, delicious to taste at any time you're craving for something sugary and fragrant. I love them cooked in the oven, with a sprinkle of cinnamon and icing sugar..but also with the crumble and a spoon of vanilla ice-cream..Glorious! I'm a gready girl, I know, I know;)!
Last Saturday I went with my mum to a farm-house which sells organic products and I filled my basket with a new quality of apples called " crimson crisp" must try them..they're the perfect combination of sweetness and crunchiness and the yummiest I've ever tasted!

I wish you the Happiest of the Wednesdays my darlings and, please, do let me know what made your week a wonderful one..your comments always make my day!!!
Here all the fabulous WW ladies which I must thank for all the positivity and optimism they gave me in all these months: Sally, Jo, Helen, Michelle, Sarah, Kate, Cat, Sam, El and Kerri.

Lots of love


  1. Good luck with the new home! I look forward to seeing photos of it! And I can't wait to hear what you thought about The Cursed Child, I grew up with Harry Potter too and loved it! x

    1. Thank you my lovely Rebecca!!! <3 I moved in last Saturday and I couldn't be happier!!! I promise there will be some photos of my little nest soon!!!
      The warmest hug!!!

  2. Well now you have me craving apples. Especially in a warming crumble would be perfect now!!
    Kate xx

    1. Oh Kate =) a dreamy warming apple crumble..paradise!!! Even the scent makes me drool!