Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Wonderful Wednesday # 3

" Two roads diverged in a wood, and I-
    I took the one less traveled by,
    And that has made all the difference."

Wonderful Wednesday my lovely ladies!!! Here I am, beginning this post, which I was looking forward to write, with one of the quotes I love the most and make me feel all the autumn vibes! This is my favourite verse of a Frost's poem my father used to repeat  when me and my little sister were little girls and we went walking in the woods together, picking up chestnuts and drinking hot chocolate from a thermos brought from home!It's a gift to have such good memories! 
Happiness comes suddenly, when you least expect it..for me it was on Monday night when, opening my blog, I discovered with joy some of the most adorable comments I've ever received from some of the ladies of this merry gang!!! Kate, Cat and Kerri..if you are reading this..the warmest of the hugs is all for truly made my day!!! 

So, now let's go straight to the point:

1. Cooking dinner with my mum. Last Saturday two of my favourite girls came for dinner for the first time in my new house, so I decided to prepare something special ( we usually go for a pizza) to celebrate the beginning of my independance. After a quick trip to the sumermarket, my mum decided to help me so we planned the menu and started to cook together; we had so much fun preparing a starter of swivels of puff pastry with cheese, ham and grilled zucchini, a pumpkin and potato soup with chopped walnuts and the most fragrant of the apple pies! Living in my own flat means that the moments I spend with the family become unique and precious, away from the small disagreements of the daily life.

2. Jane Eyre. Autumn is Jane Eyre's time of the year, isn't it?! Rainy days, dark clouds, fallen leaves, the early morning frost, steaming cups of tea.. everything reminds me the mysterious atmosphere of Thornfield Hall. 
Having said that, you can imagine my excitement when, during my last trip to the local library, I found out that I could rent the first movie of the book, which I was looking forward to watch! It was such a pleasure to spend a cosy night in, enjoying that passionate and anguished love story, that never fails to move me. 

3. Cuddles with the little boy of a friend. Even though I've always had a sweet nature and a passion for kids, I really need to find a frog to kiss and turn into a prince before being ready to become a mum.. and I suppose it will take some time. However last Friday I went to my friend's house to visit her lovely newborn, a chubby little boy, with deep blue eyes and a soft skin, which smelled of babypowder. It was so nice to cuddle him and make him smile and giggle, but moreover to see my dear friend being such a brilliant mother.

4. Buying tickets for three plays at the theatre ( "And Then There Were None" by Agatha Christie is among them). One of the things I love the most about living in this new little city is the old theatre, renovated some years ago, which is just four steps from home. Going to the opening of the theater season on Saturday morning and buying tickets for three of the plays in the programme made me feel like a sophisticated lady! I know that is just a little theatre of a tiny provincial town, but the idea to spruce me up for an elegant night with my besties is thrilling!

5. Morning ritual. Since when I moved house, every morning I try to leave the bed at least half an hour earlier than usual in order to eat my large bowl of muesli and soy yougurt ( this week I'm all about the strawberry one) and sip my coffee on the sofa, wrapped up in my woolly blanket, warming my hands around the steaming cup. It's a morning ritual that I'm appreciating every day more, the perfect way to start a new day slowly, enjoying the silence, the pleasure to be alone with my thoughts and the beauty of the town that wakes up.

Despite the fog that wraps the town, I wish you a lovely day my darlings and I'm really curious to know what has made your week a beautiful one! Your comments are gifts that fill my heart with pure joy!!!
Here all the fabulous WW ladies which I must thank fo all the positivity and optimism they gave me in all these months:
Sally, Jo, Helen, Michelle, Sarah, Kate, Cat, Sam, El, MimmiKerri.



  1. BIG, BIG hugs right back at you Martina.
    This is such a lovely list of wonderfulness. I was happy from the very first line. I love the quote. It's included in on of my favourite songs which is an adaption of the poem. I can't find a video right, now, but will send it to you if I can. That memory is so precious. Hot chocolate in the wood sounds lovely. Just as precious as you memories with your mum and beautiful baby.
    This week I've been relishing the silence of mornings too. There's something about being still and savouring breakfast and, for me, a little bit of exercise too.
    I won tickets for a dance performance last night and am so excited to go. I've heard great thing about the Agatha Christie. I'm sure you'll have a great time.
    Have a lovely rest of your week
    Kate xx

    1. Oh Kate,thank you so so much for your lovely words!!! And please, send me the link to the video if you can find it :)!
      I need to start doing a little bit of exercise me too..any tips for a quite lazy-busy girl who only loves walking???!!!
      Many many kisses and Wonderful Sunday night!!!

  2. Martina! Such a lovely lovely list of lovely things - thank you so much for joining in! Spending time with family is up on that list of things i definitely need to do more of - your evening {and food!} sound just perfect! And yes yes to morning rituals - i think it could be my favourite time of day you know!

    Sending love and wishing you a lovely week darling girl xxx

    1. Dear Sally, receiving your comment really made my day!!!:) It's amazing to be part of this merry gang, expecially because I got in touch with some of the loveliest girls ever!!! Focusing to the bright side of the week it's something that I find quite therapeutic, so I need to say a big THANK YOU to you and your contagious happiness!!!
      The warmest hug and kisses!!!

  3. Heaps of hugs right back to you - your comments on my recent posts have made my day too :)

    Congratulations on moving into your own place, may this be the beginning of lots of happy adventures for you. I completely agree that it seems to make your relationship with your family that much more special (and less argumentative at times!)

    Oh and I adore Jane Eyre - you've made me want to pick it up again...I think I shall! Enjoy the rest of your week! C xx

    1. Thank you so much lovely Cat!!!:) Having the pleasure and the luck to meet lovely souls like you is something that fills my heart with pure joy!!!
      Have a beautiful Sunday night!!!