Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Wonderful Wednesday # 4

Come said the wind to the
leaves one day,
Come over the meadows and
we will play.
Put on your dress
Scarlet and Gold
For Summer is gone and
the days grow cold.

-George Eliot-

Wonderful Wednesday my lovely ladies and Welcome November, with your foggy mornings, your rainy days, the cosy woolly blankets, the hand-knitted pullovers, the steaming cups of tea, the hot chocolates, the last crunchy leaves and the lovely nights-in with a good book, or your favourite tv series.
Time flies, expecially the last two months, and I'm trying to enjoy every single moment of this Autumn, doing long walks in the wood with the dog, savoring all its beauty, looking up to the sky, filling my eyes with the bright colors of the trees.
Here the little things that made me feel happier this week:

1. Saturday's breakfast in my favourite café. Waking up on Saturday morning and going to my favourite café in town for a yummy breakfast is something that I love!
I usually go for a croissant with vegan custard and a cappuccino with soy milk, which is my favourite combination, all seasoned with lots of little talks with my sister Linda or a dear friend.
I think this little ritual is the best way to slow down and enjoy the tranquillity of the weekend, especially after busy days at work that seem to never end!!!

2. A brilliant Graduation Day. Last Wednesday one of my favourite ladies gratuated in medicine with honours!!! Seeing her discussing her thesis, after months and months of hard work, was very exciting and I felt full of pride! She studied in Ferrara, a tiny lovely city two hours from my hometown and, in the north of Italy, we have a nice way to celebrate the graduation day: friends and family write a " Papiro", which is a poster with the caricature of the person who graduates and the funny story of her life, full of ridiculous anecdotes that make everyone laugh. To read the " papiro" we dressed her up like a geisha, because she's really into Japan, and we had so much fun together, before going to a gorgeous restaurant to end the day with an amazing dinner.

3. "Winter Charm" Ahamad Tea. A caffeine-free blend of apple, cinnamon and cloves with zesty orange peel, perfectly balanced to create a truly warm and festive aromatic infusion. I know, it seems a little bit too much christmassy, but I really deserved a treat and this one seemed the perfect one! I can't wait to enjoy it with some cinnamon biscuits just came out from the oven, so I think this will be one of my plans for the weekend ahead.

4. Taking time to read a book. I've always been a booklover! There are plenty of pictures of me, at the age of 3-4 years old, all focused to turn the colorful pages of my favourite book of fairy tales and books were my dearest friends during winter time, when it was too cold to play outside. Although nowadays the time to read is little, dedicate at least half an hour a day to such a pleasant activity is something they I'm really determined to enter into my routine! This week I started a book that was in my bookcase from the first year of the university and that I rediscovered during the move: The New Yorkers, by Cathleen Schine, a brilliantly funny novel that revolves around one city block in Manhattan. In this book, as in life, canine companions compel their masters to go outside of themselves, to take part in the community they live in, to make friends, and, sometimes, to fall in love. I thought it was the perfect book to celebrate the start of my new life, and I hope it will bring me luck!!!

Receiving your lovely comments was something that truly filled my heart with happiness! It's amazing to have such a beautiful date with you every week, spreading joy all around!
Here all the brilliant WW ladies that will put a smile on your face with their optimism and positivity:
Sally, Jo, Helen, Michelle, Sarah, Kate, Cat, Sam, El, MimmiKerri.



  1. I love some dedicated reading time, I try to go for an hour a day, or at least something. It's a great way to grab a little time to yourself.