Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Tiny Beautiful Things Of The Week

Hello darlings!
I've chosen to start this post with this picture because it well represents the first tiny beautiful thing of last week! On Thursday afternoon a friend has come to pick me up after work and has brought me in a wonderful place at the top of a hill!
The clearing was peaceful, we could hear the song of crickets and cicadas, the clouds were running fast in the sky and we spent the time chatting and laughing sprawled in the grass!
But the surprises were not over, in fact I also received a special gift: a box of treasures!!!It was a decorated cardboard box which contained: a book that I really wanted to read but I wasn't able to find anywhere, the last cd of a group that we had listened in concert the week before and a tiny cloth bag full of herbs that help to relax the nerves and sleep well, to put close to the bed.
It 's wonderful when friends surprise you and give you these moments of genuine happiness!!!
The second beautiful thing of last week has been the night out I've spent with the girls, eating crepes in a cosy restaurant called " The lair of the wolf".
The pictures are a little out of focus, because I've taken them with my phone, anyway they can give you an idea of the relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere of the evening!

They offer a great variety of savory and sweet crepes, and the dairy-free and gluten-free variants are also available, to satisfy even the intolerants!!!

The last beautiful thing of the week has been the breakfast on Sunday morning! When I woke up there was a wonderful scent of an apple cake, that was waiting for me in the kitchen table!!!

Flaky pastry, apricot jam and apple slices .. a new delicious recipe, perfect with a nice cup of cappuccino, rigorously prepared with soy milk!

What have been your tiny beautiful things of the week?



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