Saturday, 9 August 2014

Little Daily Pleasures

This is a post about the tiny little pleasures that can make your day better! Sometimes you just need a gesture, something feminine and cute to wear, or something sweet and chocolatey to be enjoyed with friends or family, to lift your spirits and start the day on the right foot!
One of my little pleasures of this week has been this bag!
Isn't it adorable?!!! I'd seen this model in a magazine and I'd totally fallen in love with it, so my mommy has made it for me with the scraps of fabric I'd chosen in a big fabric store!!!
It's super practical, spacious and equipped with a handy internal pocket!I can fill it with everything I need during the day, to make it look like the famous Mary Poppins's bag, from which she could extract even a coat rack and an ornamental plant!

What could be better than a gift from a dear friend, especially if it is a nice skirt studded with kittens?! I think it's perfect to give a bit of sparkle to a black blouse and a pair of flats!!!

And here my "naked palette", precious ally on those days when I get up from the bed and I stare at the mirror with that look that seems to say: "ehhhh what's that face? !!!" Sometimes you just need a natural makeup that illuminates the eyes, a bit of peach blush on the cheeks and one coat of lipstick to feel ready to face the day with good mood!

And the last but not least: a slice of chocolate cake and pears !!!
This is a cake with a story to tell! On Thursday afternoon, three children of Kurdish origin, which I follow at  work, knocked on the door of my house with a basket full of pears, they had just picked from the tree! You know how kids are, they can not wait to climb and do not have half sizes, so I found myself with a heart full of love and lots of yummy pears to eat! I immediately started to bake and here is the result: this delicious cake, to be enjoyed in the company of a glass of white wine moscato, sweet and sparkling!




  1. That cake looks so yummy! xx

    1. Thank you Jennie darling! and it was totally dairy-free, so if you want the recipe don't hesitate to ask!!!kisses

  2. I really like that skirt with cats *-* it's simply adorable <3 you're great Martina!!!
    Emily :)

    1. Thank you so much Emily!! <3 You're so kind!!!!
      A big kiss!!!
      Martina :)