Friday, 27 February 2015

Just A Minute In February....

Reading:  "The Preacher" by Camilla Lackberg, an exceptionally written crime and murder story! Last month I read the first book of this Swedish author, " The Ice Princess", and I liked it a lot! It's amazing how this writer can keep me with bated breath until the last pages of her books!!!

Listening: "Safe Travels (Don't die)" by Lisa Hannigan. 
In this song, this talented Irish singer makes some recommendations to travellers: eat your greens, don't sit close to screens, don't walk on ice, cross at the lights and don't start fires or fights...her voice is enchanting and this song always fills me with tenderness!

Watching: "How to get away with murder". I've started to watch this series with my sister and now we are totally obsessed with it! We spent last Saturday night on the couch, sipping hot chocolate and watching one episode after another!!!

Buying: My first heeled brogues!!!

Loving: to paint my bed and my bedside table of a beautiful bright white.
 It's always really funny to renovate the bedroom, especially because I consider it like my secret shelter, a little space that speaks about myself, my passions and the important things in my life.

Wanting: to enjoy every single moment of my weekends: going to the spa, relaxing in the whirlpool and in the sauna, eating yummy things for breakfast (like pancakes with chocolate and strawberries), taking regenerating strolls in the woods with a friend or with Cloe and my family!

Feeling: overwhelmed by the things I have to do, but determined to reach my goals!



  1. I can completely relate to the feeling overwhelmed but determined to reach you goals part! Keep going, you'll get there! x

    1. Thank you so much Rebecca!!! <3 I'll keep my fingers crossed!!!
      Have a nice day sweetie!!!

  2. Pancakes for breakfast is the best! xo